10 Things I Conveniently Forgot About London

With a quick visit to London, I wasn’t disappointed with my return, in fact it seemed like I just jumped right back into my former life as though I had never left.  Came in, topped up my oyster card, jumped on the tube, settled at my friend’s place, topped up my mobile and then left the house to roam the city and see what adventures that I could find.  But as much as I love being back here, there are things that our memories conveniently forget and here they are:
1.  You have to watch where you walk because there is vomit everywhere.
2.  Public displays of affection…EVERYWHERE!
3.  The tube shuts down at 1230am on a friday and saturday night leaving you with night buses if you want to go out.
4.  Planned engineering works on the tubes on the weekend.  Because you don’t have to go anywhere on the weekend, and therefore you can be inconvenienced.
5.  Rail replacement services for the planned engineering works.
6.  The drunks on the tube…that want to talk to you.
7.  When you blow your nose after riding the tube, it’s so dirty.
8.  The cold water tap and the hot water tap being separate in the sink.  I’ve never figured out how to wash my face with warm water.
9.  You have to use some force when you are flushing the toilet if you want it to work.
10.  It takes forever to get the perfect temperature in the shower, and when you finally get it and step in, the water goes scorching, then cold, then scroching, then cold and you never get that perfect temperature.


I took a quick trip to Belgium to meet up with Ramon, my mentor from medek (a therapy technique that i have been trained in).  I was actually in Antwerp, but on my way back London, I walked around Brussels for an hour and half.  I haven’t labelled the pictures because i don’t know exactly what i was looking at!


Off to Russia.  We start in Moscow with a sculpture garden.  most of Moscow’s sculptures have been taken from their original sites and placed in this park.  I wonder how different Moscow would look if all these artistic Sculptures were in their original places.  Then we have the red square at night and day with the kremlin and st basil’s church.  i wish my church looked like that.  a quick pic of the freezing cold lake in Pscov.  then finally pics of st petersburg which is very european in its architecture.


So now that i’m home for a few days i thought that i would update the pics.  First off we have barcelona.  I absolutely loved all the contributions that Antoni Gaudi made to this city.  Featured in this album are Sagrada Familia which was his last project before he died and still today they are constructing it.  One of the few churches that i have paid to get into.  For those of you who know, I don’t pay to go into churches.  Also, featured is Park Guell.  Then there are just some other pics of the city and one that i threw in of me to prove that i was actually there.  Of course as always, the better pics are on film which i will be developing tomorrow!


Here are some pics that i took with the digital while in Budapest.  Included are the validating machine that we were supposed to validate our tickets with. and the ticket machine which was not at the station that we entered along with the warning sign about the fine.  there are no pics of me here, but you all know what i look like.  The better pics of Budapest are yet to be developed.