Here are some pics that i took with the digital while in Budapest.  Included are the validating machine that we were supposed to validate our tickets with. and the ticket machine which was not at the station that we entered along with the warning sign about the fine.  there are no pics of me here, but you all know what i look like.  The better pics of Budapest are yet to be developed.

Giving to Kids from Congo

Two people from the group decided to give some kids dried papya.  The kids just started crowding and begging for the food.  We had seen this behaviour before.  Then the gorilla guide came out and barked something at them in their language and they suddenly all lined up.

Broken down land rover

These four pictures show an incident that we experienced while travelling between the serengeti and the ngorongoro crater.  We had a flat tire and we had no jack and no radio.  Fortunately, another car was there to lend us their jack.  Then we were on the road.  Now if you asked me the spare went on flat.  then we had another flat tire.  this time, no jack, no radio and no spare and an empty behind and in front of us.  So we just sat and played cards for about 20 minutes until another car came and was kind enough to lend us their spare tire.