I took a quick trip to Belgium to meet up with Ramon, my mentor from medek (a therapy technique that i have been trained in).  I was actually in Antwerp, but on my way back London, I walked around Brussels for an hour and half.  I haven’t labelled the pictures because i don’t know exactly what i was looking at!


Off to Russia.  We start in Moscow with a sculpture garden.  most of Moscow’s sculptures have been taken from their original sites and placed in this park.  I wonder how different Moscow would look if all these artistic Sculptures were in their original places.  Then we have the red square at night and day with the kremlin and st basil’s church.  i wish my church looked like that.  a quick pic of the freezing cold lake in Pscov.  then finally pics of st petersburg which is very european in its architecture.


Here I have pictures of Aleppo, a city to the north of Syria.  This was my fav city in Syria.  There are some pics of the old city, the citadel and then a mosque.  I was with a slovenian couple here and to enter the mosque, the girl and i had to cover up and i called our outfit the klu klux klan outfit.  Then there are some pics of hama with their water wheels “norias” which were used for getting water from the river into aqueducts.  Then there are pics of the dead cities which are cities that were abandoned rather quickly reason unknown but were kept in tact really well.  Finally pics of the tourist city of Palmyra, famous for its roman ruins.  however, it too was a dead city while we were there.


I did have an amazing three weeks travelling around Turkey.  These pictures are just teasers.  I have some pics of Istanbul which include views from Galata tower, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque.  Then there are pics from Cappadocia where there are natural rock formations that are quite unique and were used for homes.  It was believed that the first star wars of the more recent series was shot here, but it was actually shot in Tunisia. I have pics of the break down of the bus on that horrible journey that i did from syria to turkey.  Those are followed by pics of Pamukkale, a natural wonder of the world where spring water leaves calcium deposits which make the mountainside a spectacular site.  Now it has been damaged by tourism, but 10 years ago, it was more amazing.  Finally, some Roman ruins from Ephesus that are supposed to be better than the ruins in Athens!


So now that i’m home for a few days i thought that i would update the pics.  First off we have barcelona.  I absolutely loved all the contributions that Antoni Gaudi made to this city.  Featured in this album are Sagrada Familia which was his last project before he died and still today they are constructing it.  One of the few churches that i have paid to get into.  For those of you who know, I don’t pay to go into churches.  Also, featured is Park Guell.  Then there are just some other pics of the city and one that i threw in of me to prove that i was actually there.  Of course as always, the better pics are on film which i will be developing tomorrow!