Sky Diving

In the world of thrill seeking, i have tried my newest adventure… sky diving.  i have always wanted to do it, and i finally got over my nerves and did it.  so yesterday this columbian guy and i decided to go skydiving and be brave.  i made him go first.  so when it was my turn, i got into this tiny plane that you can only sit in and it only fit five of us.  as we climbed to an altitude of 2000m, i kept asking myself what the hell i was getting into and wondering how were we going to jump out of the plane.  i don´t actually remember how we did it, i think the instructor just threw ourselves out.   So then we were free falling for 1000m, with the wind shoving my cheeks to my ears.  i didn´t know if i should have been excited or scared… breakfast please stay down.  As we dropped down we did a coupld of somersaults and had a scream of time, well i couldn´t scream, my heart was in my throat.  So finally the chute came out and we drifted slowly to the sweet ground below.  I have to say that the build up was longer than the exhiliration.  for that i have to say rafting is my fav thrill seeking activity.  other than bungee jumping, i am wondering which activity to do next, any suggestions¿?¿??¿