Some photos of my trip to Colombia. Ohh to be back there right now…

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2016 saw my return to South America.  I hadn’t been here since 2009 and it was great to be back.  Unfortunately, I only got out to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, leaving much of the country to still be explored.  I enjoyed my time on the coast as you’ll see it is quite beautiful.  With the Caribbean coast, came beaches.  We explored three beaches: two in the Tayrona National Park and Playa Blanca.

Of course there was the 4 day jungle trek to La Ciudad Perdida which I’ve previously blogged about.  A grueling trek, but totally worth it.


Cartagena and Santa Marta were base towns for us.  They provided us with colourful and cultural experiences.

Like central American countries and other South American countries, the buses are painted with vibrant colours.

I just need to go back to explore the rest of the country.

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