I Survived the Inca Trail

I was so proud of myself.  It wasn’t as difficult as the crater lake
that I had done in Ecuador.  But it was long and it was hard work, but
it was amazing.  Four days of trekking with day 2 being the hardest
with 5 hours of uphill climbing to summit at 4100m above sea level. 
Maude and I were at the top of the pack, not that it was a race,
finishing third and fourth on the toughest day.  It was such an
accomplishment.  We were so lucky with the weather, being rainy
season.  But on day 4, we woke up to heavy rains, the day we were
supposed to reach Machu Picchu.  After 2.5 hours of trekking, the rains
cleared up and the sun was fighting to get through and we arrived.   I
have to say that doing the trek made Machu Picchu special.  No offense
to anyone who has taken the train up, but I felt that trekking as the
Inca’s did to Machu Picchu made the experience so much more worthwhile.

those who remember my African waxing experience…I had another
interesting one.  I think I got waxed by a he-she.  (s)he was dressed
as a woman, but definitely had man hands.

We said goodbye to
Peru shortly after the trek and headed into Bolivia.  Suddenly, our
trip took a turn for the worse. We reached this town known for its
silver mines. We got in and there was a festival going on.  I’m never
usually in a town during a festival, so we went to check it out.  Only
to find out that in this city, known as the highest town in the world,
which is cool in summer due to the altitude, kids and adults whip water
balloons at each other.  If they see a foreigner, then they take 1000
times more pleasure in attacking these unsuspecting people.  Maude I
were drenched from the attacks.  One guy broke a window trying to
Maude.  I got so mad at this one guy who was soaking me with his water
gun, I started chasing after him.  Thankfully for him, Maude stopped
me, b/c if I had gotten him, I would have grabbed his gun, soaked him
and then hit him on the head with it. 

Then we went the next
day to visit the silver mines.  We had the worse tour guide ever who
spent his time in the mines talking about sex.  Talking about guys
thinkin with the cocks and that woman are just pussies, and we are
supposed to cook and clean for men.  We are in a mine, why are we not
talking about mines!

Our next place we headed off to was Uyuni
where the salt flats are.  This is the highlight of a Bolivian trip. 
The scenery was spectacular, but the tour not so much.  I came here
knowing that there had been deaths from car accidents that occured last
summer on these tours.  We booked a tour and we got picked up in a
windshield cracked, fly infested land rover.  There was another land
rover that was driving from the same company and it was shiny and
newish looking.  I said "I wish we were in that car."  Words that I
would later eat.  At the end of that day as we were heading to our
accomodations, that shiny car had an accident, it flipped over 2 or 3
times.  Fortunately, everyone walked out of it with only cuts and
bruises.  God knew what he was doing when he put me in the fly infested
car.  So for the next couple of days, there was just this air of
uncertainity over our own safety. 

After that Bolivia started
getting better.  Although, for Maude it may have taken her longer to
feel that way as she had a biking accident which she walked away from
with only a small cut on her chin.   For all the negative things we
heard about La Paz, we loved La Paz.  We amazingly made it through
without any thefts.  We did meet people along the way who had
experienced thefts.

Pictures are to be posted soon.