The Massage Junkie’s Adventures Continued

As tourism is just starting to grow in Burma, Burma has not yet responded like its neighbours to Western tourists by offering them cheap massages.  So I didn’t get any massages while there.

I had almost forgotten about massages altogether until I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and was inundated by the number of spas out there.  You couldn’t pass a street corner without a flyer being shoved in your hands.  So, the junkie that I am, couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to have a massage.

The place I went to wasn’t the one I had originally intended on going to, but their prices were right and the lady who had given me the flyer was determined for me to say yes.

When I went into the room to receive the massage, I noticed that everyone in the room was a man.  Suddenly, I wondered if this was a “happy ending” type of place.

I laid down on the massage bed and this one lady in a short skirt started massaging my back.  It was the strangest “professional” massage that I have ever received.  She jumped onto the bed, straddled me and was sitting on my butt in order to massage my back.  My suspicions increased.

Then half way through the massage, she switched with another lady.  This second lady had been working on the guy that was beside me.  I have never had therapists switch in the middle of a session.  I am sure that the first girl that was working on me was the happy ending girl.

I was feeling quite uncomfortable during the massage as it wasn’t as professional as the ones that I had received in Thailand.  The massage itself was nothing spectacular.  I am sure that the guy beside was getting a happy ending.

Conclusion: I will wait until I return to Thailand to do anymore massages.  The only thing I liked about this massage was that they never asked me if I wanted a happy ending 🙂


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